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From “Tim McGraw” to Tim McGraw

My dream is to work in the music industry so the business of it all has always fascinated me. When Big Machine tweeted yesterday that they had a big announcement, I couldn’t help but wish it was about Taylor but I kind of figured it was more about the company. Today they announced they are adding Tim McGraw to BMLG Roster. My first thought was how happy I am for Tim as he has had a lot of record label drama in the past and I’m glad to see him able to move on. 

But then it started to hit me how much of a powerhouse Big Machine is becoming. It used to be Sony was the dominater. When Scott Borchetta left Universal to start his own label he became the underdog. His fate rested with his first artist, this 16 year old girl. That 16 year old was Taylor and her first single was “Tim McGraw”. 6 years later that small label is part of a group with 3 labels, they have become the powerhouse in country music. That 16 year old has become a phenom unlike anyone in the industry today. Scott Borchetta has her, the proven veterans in Rascal Flatts, Reba, Martina, etc and the up and coming sensations The Band Perry, Justin Moore, Eden’s Edge. But to come full circle and sign Tim McGraw, just really made me stop and think how far they have all come. 

I give Scott 5 years, and he will be the outright leader in the Nashville scene. It’s inspiring where his hard work has gotten him. He is definitely an inspiration to me.

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